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For you
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I will love you forever   I love you more than you can ever imagine   I love you   I love you
16 I will love you...   15 I love you more...   14 I love you.   13 I love you

I love you my sweet heart   You are the love of my life   Love-Greetings for you   Love is wunderful...I love you
12 I love you my sweet..   11 You are the love of ..   10 Love-Greetings....   9 Love is wonderful...I

You are wonderful   I Love you   I love you more and more   Every day I love you more
8. You are wonderful

  7. I Love you   6. I love you more...   5. Every day I love...
I love you   You are the love of my life   I love you so much   Kiss for you - I love you
4. I love you

  3. You are the love...   2. I love you so much   1. Kiss for you - I love...

Copyright from all pictures or part of pictures from the e-cards
1. background and heart: personal, woman: www.britaseifert.nl, brushes: copyright(c)Romys Traumkartenfabrik/Media Verlagsgesellschaft mbH
2. background: Angelika Lutz/Pixelio.de, rose: Karin Jähne/Pixelio.de, heart: personal
3. heart: personal , picture: Thomas Stocker/Pixelio.de
4. background, feather und heart: personal, rose: Steffi Pelz/Pixelio.de
5. background lilac: personal, background 2: Momosu/Pixelio.de, searoses: Ernst Rose/Pixelio.de, couple: www.sinnenflut.de
6. personal
7. heart and stars: personal, roses: DominoXL - Kurt F. Domnik, /Pixelio.de
8. heart, background and Apophysis: personal, roses: SarahC/Pixelio.de, landscape: Ulla Trampert/Pixelio.de
9. background: personal, sunset:: www.coolphotos.de, roses: Sarah C./Pixelio.de.de, heart: personal
10. Background: personal with Bryce, woman: www.coolphotos.de
11. background: personal, palm : Rosel Eckstein/Cornerstone/Pixelio.de.de, woman: www.britaseifert.nl, heart: Alexandra Bucurescu/Pixelio.de.de
12. background: personal, hand and roses: www.coolphotos.de, couple: copyright(c)Romys Traumkartenfabrik/Media Verlagsgesellschaft mbH
13. background: personal, flowers and book: Birgit H./Pixelio.de, heart: Irmi,
14. Heart: personal ( Bryce), flowers: Rainer Sturm/Pixelio.de, rest: personal
15. personal
16. personal

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