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Nice Day
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Have a nice weekend   Weekend greetings   Have a relaxing weekend   Have a wonderful weekend
8 Have a nice weekend
  7 Weekend greetings   6 Have a relaxing...   5 Have a wonderful...

Have a relaxing weekend   Wishing you a sunny weekend   Have a nice weekend   Have a wunderful weekend
4 Have a relaxing...   3 Wishing you a...   2 Have a nice...   1 Have a wunderful...

Copyright from all pictures or part of pictures from the e-cards
1. personal
2. personal
3. flowers:(c) Schauhi/ Pixelio.de, rest: personal
4. background and dog: (c) Gerda Bruske/ Pixelio.de , cat: (c) Bernd Sterzl/ Pixelio.de
5. background © Rainer Sturm/ Pixelio.de, rest: personal
6. background © Sunny6/ Pixelio.de, rest: personal
7. glasses © Maren Beßler/ Pixelio.de , flowers © Marion Löffler/ Pixelio.de , effect: personal
8. flowers © Joujou/ Pixelio.de , background : personal



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